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I gave him my number.

Are you a veteran of the L. He presented himself really well on the phone.

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We had a great conversation. He was imaginative, wise and thoughtful. I was actually looking forward to this date. However, I did not tell anyone that I was going to meet him.

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Although he appeared to have a bit of a Robert Wagner thing going for him, he's still a much older gentleman. Thinking about this, I am reminded of that episode on "Sex and the City" in which Samantha dates an older man and it goes really well until he gets naked. He greeted me the next morning at Joe's, and I was pleased to see that he looked just like his profile photo. We sat down and ordered, and then he immediately pulled pictures of his grandkids out of his wallet and showed them to me.

We spent most of breakfast talking about his grandkids, their birthday parties, where they go to school, on and on. He was really sweet, but it was very clear that he should be dating someone his own age with a similar background. We didn't have any of the same interests. However, he was very kind, and I felt like I made a new friend, and that's great. When breakfast was over, he told me he had to run a few errands and then take his dog, which was in his car, to the dog park.

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Would I like to join them? Affairs columns, and submission guidelines. We went out to the parking lot together, and I petted the dog while we chatted and agreed to meet at Trader Joe's on Pico Boulevard. When I got there, I found him in the frozen food aisle. We both selected chicken burritos, and I inquired about how his dog was doing in his car. He assured me everything was fine.

So I wandered off into the produce section. I thought he might turn up there, but he didn't. Maybe he didn't need any produce? I checked for him when I picked up some bread, but I didn't see him in that aisle either. I was done with my shopping, so I looked all through the store. It was time to check out and get going. But I couldn't find him anywhere. Now I was mildly panicked.


Helen Fielding interviews Bridget Jones: Older, none the wiser and with some very odd dating advice

What if he'd had a heart attack or a stroke? I didn't hear ambulance sirens as I raced around the store. I whipped out my cellphone and called my mom and explained the situation.

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Give Saliva to me! Hang on, let me put Spongebob on. What are the dating rules? Your children are called Mabel and Billy? These are very sensible names in this day and age among things like Xerxes or Chlamydia. I think she got mixed up between Sabrina and Sylvanian Bunnies. Some are actually quite pretty — carburetter, spark plug or similar. So much better than all these intellectual names — which are all the rage in London now.

How have you found getting back into the dating scene? I thought we were going to talk about my screenplay.

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  5. Tell me about your new screenplay. B [sound of frantic typing]: Do you keep a duck? Do you object to being called middle-aged? Actually, maybe it is the middle of our lives, come to think of it. But what I mean is, when you look around, women keep themselves together and still have it all going on — look at Carol Vorderman and Kim Cattrall and Julianne Moore and… [text quacks]. Have you still got it all going on? Well for a long time after… you know… for nearly five years I was a Born Again Virgin. But my friends were all saying I had to get a romantic life… it was very I embarked on an intensive period of Dating Self-Help-Book study.

    There were over 75 pages of dating self-help books on Amazon to choose from. Do you have any favourites? Yes I studied their commonalities and distilled them down to a molten core of Key Dating Rules.

    It’s a date: older, not wiser

    And what are the dating rules? Rather like when trying to catch an aeroplane. You seem to enjoy texting. Could you concentrate on the interview now, please? What are the main drawbacks to the practice known as sexting? I think the main drawbacks to any form of texting is the practice known as being drunk.

    Have you ever texted drunk? Have you ever tweeted while drunk? No, I am on Twitter. How many followers do you have? Well it is early days. How long have you been on Twitter? I only started it because I was lonely after the kids went to sleep, but now I feel not only lonely but unpopular and that all the twitterati are tweeting behind my back about how unpopular I am. Do you see Gaga as a role model?