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Any faith-based or community group that seeks to support teens needs to address this issue so central to teenagers' lives. Most religious youth groups have rules that come from their faith traditions and give their members guidelines on how to date and interact with the opposite gender. Different Christian denominations offer different guidelines for youth dating. The most common rule is youth should not have sex outside of marriage, which is based on Biblical passages such as 1 Corinthians Christian youth groups often encourage teens to create their own personal rules and standards for dating, such as staying in public areas and limiting physical contact.

These rules are outlined in the booklet "For the Strength of Youth" These rules state teens should not date until they are at least 16, and then they should begin with group dates and double dates. They should avoid exclusive dating until they are old enough to consider marriage. The LDS church also forbids sex outside of marriage and outlines specific activities that should be avoided because of their potential to lead to sex, such as passionate kissing and spending time one-on-one with a date in a private setting.

Youth are to treat dates with respect.

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Because dating has a purpose to it! And so we need to be careful how and who we date. I Lucas wanted to let the parents in on what I will be teaching, so that you can listen and inform as the series goes along. I hope to ground all of this teaching in the gospel and teach the students a few important things:. If any parents have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email Lucas: I know for some this can be a hot-button issue. I hope that at the end of this series, your students will be better equipped to navigate the difficulty of relationships, and glorify Jesus in doing so!

Youth Group Dating Rules

But what does it mean to grow in the love of Christ? But how does knowing the love Christ prepare us for the future? It does two things for us: Here are a few questions to think over this week: How well do you know Jesus? What has Jesus done for you? How has he loved you?

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Why does Paul compare Jesus to a husband of the church? What are those principles? And what I mean is: Ask the right questions And get outside help from Parents Spiritual leaders and mentors Pastors Christian Friends Date wisely, ask the right questions, get outside help — make dating a community project! Parents and students, here are some questions to ask this week: Do I have a worldly or godly view of dating?

What does Paul say about worldly verses transformed thinking? How do I think in a renewed way? How do I begin to look at dating in a more biblical way? What is the purpose of dating? Divorce rates in India are among the lowest in the world. But obviously we are mistaken if we think that dating is a critical part of planning for a successful marriage.

For thousands of years, thousands of cultures thrived without it.

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How did arranged marriages succeed? I think we have a different view of marriage today. Couples depend too much on feeling love and not on doing love.


Historically, our ancestors understood marriage as a real commitment, so they made it work. But for the most part, I think happy marriages moved societies forward by paying less attention to choice of mate and more attention to the choice to love, unconditionally, as the Bible calls us to do Matt. Dating has a broader meaning: Two people getting together with or without regard for where it might lead. Now that we have connected dating to marriage, it needs to be made clear that dating IS NOT that same as marriage.

Things can go horribly wrong when we pretend to be married when we are not. We see a cute couple and we want to imitate their actions; how they touch and kiss and what they say and do together. The reality is that we are either married or not. Playing married can lead to physical mistakes. The Bible makes it clear that sex is for marriage. God designed our bodies to have sex. He also made us with certain functions that prepare our bodies for sex. If sex is for marriage, then anything your body does in preparation for sex is for marriage also. We are practically married anyway.

If we are sexually aroused and not married, we have already put ourselves in a situation where we have overstepped a God-given boundary. Playing married, particularly in teen years, can lead to emotional disasters. Statistically, the vast majority of relationships that begin between the ages of 14 and 18 end. And if they start quickly, they usually end quickly. Even into early 20s, we are still changing as individuals and developing in maturity.

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The more involved we get, the easier it is to lose track of this reality. If you tell all your secrets and give your heart and soul to the other person, you are setting yourself up for a painful breakup with someone who now knows all your secrets. It trains us for divorce.

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We are reinforcing the idea that when we tire of someone, we can simply bow out of the relationship.